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The M3 Money Club is a super way to raise money-smart kids! It features two young superheroes, Cash and Violet, and their madcap adventures to stop the Evil Dr. Spendit from stealing all the money in the world.

When your child joins M3, they'll learn about money in a fun and engaging manner. M3 was developed with one goal in mind: provide kids with the tools they need to learn the basics of saving and spending money. An interactive website offers coloring pages, games, activities, comics and cartoons, podcasts and blogs to engage young members. There is also a parent's section on the website, featuring articles just for mom and dad.

M3 Money Club members will receive:

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Make, save, spend, borrow and invest money the smart way! How kids handle their money can have a huge impact on their life. That's why we're providing educational information to help them take care of their money today, as well as start building a solid financial future for tomorrow.

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