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Mastercard® Credit Cards

IU Credit Union Mastercard Credit Cards

Whether you're looking for a card that earns rewards on qualifying purchases, offers a competitive rate, or helps you build or re-establish credit history, we've got the card for you.

Image of IU Credit Union Preferred Rewards Card

Preferred Rewards Credit Card

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Bloomington High School South Debit Card

Rate Advantage Credit Card

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Edgewood High School Debit Card

Platinum Secured Credit Card

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Card Services:

812-855-7823 or

To activate a card:

(must call from primary phone)
Call 888-691-8661;
Outside U.S. 515-457-2085

To request or change your PIN:

(must call from primary phone)
Call 888-891-2435;
Outside U.S. 812-855-7823