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Debit Card Designs & Features

IU Credit Union Mastercard® Contactless Debit cards* are free and issued instantly at all Bloomington locations as well as our Center Grove location in Greenwood! If you cannot visit one of these locations, we can print and mail it to you.

Use your contactless debit card to access the funds in your checking or membership savings account. Tap and pay to make secure payments at any merchant that offers contactless-enabled checkout terminals. You may also use your card as a “contact” card by inserting it into the card reader at merchants and ATMs that do not offer this feature. IU Credit Union Mastercard Debit cards are accepted at all PULSE®, Cirrus, and CO-OP Network ATMs. As long as there are sufficient funds to cover the withdrawal amount, there is no fee when using an IU Credit Union-owned, Alliance One or CO-OP ATM.

Transactions are itemized on your monthly statement.

*Current debit cardholders will receive a contactless card at re-issue. If you would like a contactless card before your re-issue date, you may purchase a replacement card for $5 (for any design) by calling 812-855-7823 or visiting any Bloomington branch or the Center Grove Branch located in Greenwood. For your convenience, you may make a branch appointment by clicking here.


Choose your style!

Choose our free standard debit card design or one of our IU Athletics or High School Spirit debit card designs.

Card design is good for three years. Upon re-issue, you will receive the same card design. If you wish to change your design, please visit any branch prior to your card expiration date.


Mastercard Platinum Debit Card

Standard Debit Design

IU Credit Union Basic Debit Card



High School Spirit Card Designs

Show off your school spirit with one of these official high school spirit debit card designs. These FREE cards are available at all Bloomington branches. The best part? Each time a high school card is used, we will make a contribution to the Foundation for Monroe County Community Schools. The more the cards are used, the greater the total contribution to our local school system!   

Bloomington Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship

Bloomington ASE

Bloomington Graduation School Debit Card

Bloomington Graduation School

Bloomington High School North Debit Card

Bloomington High School North

Bloomington High School South Debit Card

Bloomington High School South

Edgewood High School Debit Card

Edgewood High School


IU Athletics Card Designs

IU Credit Union is a proud partner of IU Athletics! Show off your Hoosier Pride with one of these six official IU Athletics Mastercard debit card designs. These FREE cards are available at all Bloomington branches and the Center Grove branch in Greenwood.

IU Credit Union Basic Debit Card


IU Credit Union Basic Debit Card


IU Credit Union Basic Debit Card

Candy Stripe

IU Credit Union Basic Debit Card

Indiana White

IU Credit Union Basic Debit Card

Hoosier White

IU Credit Union Basic Debit Card

Indiana Script White

Mastercard Benefits and Additional Information
Click here to see the Mastercard Consumer Debit Card Guide to Benefits.
Approved for Ages 13+
Parent or guardian must be on the account to order a debit card.
Customary daily withdrawal limits of $500 through ATM and $2,000 point of sale
Lower limits may apply during system upgrades and/or outages.
Mobile Wallet (Apple, Google and Samsung Pay)

To activate your card:

(must call from primary phone)
call 888-691-8661;
Outside U.S.; 515-457-2085

To establish or change your PIN:

(must call from primary phone)
call 888-891-2435;
Outside U.S.; 812-855-7823

Have questions?

We're ready to help you!

Call a representative at 812-855-7823 or
toll-free 888-855-6928.

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