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Text Scams Are on the Rise — Learn How to Protect Yourself

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Text scams are on the rise. Billions of text scam messages, also known as smishing, are sent each month, pretending to come from your financial institution, shipping and delivery services, your mobile provider, utility companies and more.

Scammers send fake text messages, often with spoofed phone numbers that look like they are coming from a legitimate source. Their goal is to trick you into giving them your personal information, account numbers, card numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, etc., ultimately to scam you out of your money or steal your identity.

Text Scam Messages Claiming to be from IU Credit Union's Fraud Department

IUCU is receiving an increasing number of reports from our membership of text scams claiming to be from Indiana University Credit Union Fraud Department. The texts attempt to verify a fake transaction on the member's credit or debit card. After the member responds, they get another text that says their card has been restricted until someone speaks to them and to expect a call. Many times, the fraudster will also spoof our phone number, so it appears that IU Credit Union is calling.


Always be vigilant when you are responding to a message or call that you did not initiate. When a text, email, or call comes to you unexpectedly, be cautious when responding and consider the information that is being requested.

Any time you feel uncomfortable during a call, hang up and call us directly at the number on the back of your card, from our website or from other verified sources. Do NOT call the number provided in the unsolicited message.

If you get an unsolicited call, email or text:

Other Ways to Protect Your Account:

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