Salvation Army Kicks Off Kettle Campaign

Posted: November 24, 2008

IUCU helps kick off Kettle Campaign

IUCU helps kick off Kettle Campaign
Official Kettle Counters: Jeff Gilmer, Janet Chaffin, Georgeanna Sims, Trish Ierino, Donita King, Jim Spore, Dan Rittichier, Scott Smith, Connie Percifield, Andrew Allard, Chris Hawk, Frankie Goehlert, Katie Smock, Karen Wisely, Allan Buhr, and David Sipes

The Salvation Army kicked-off its second annual kettle campaign at the convention center on Thursday, November 20, with its "Dash for Cash." Eleven teams of two had seven minutes to hit up the crowd of over 320 attendees for donations. The teams ran around the luncheon tables with red buckets and bells to the tune of holiday music. The idea for the dash was originally suggested by Salvation Army advisory board member, as well as IUCU board member, Don Weaver. Sixteen volunteers from IU Credit Union counted the amounts from each team and reported a total of more than $30,000 in donations. This money and thousands more the Salvation Army will raise this season will go to help local families in need of food, clothing, day care, home visits, and Christmas gifts.

For more information about Salvation Army visit or contact the office at 111 N Rogers St.


Vote for Your Favorite Smart Choices Essay

Posted: November 13, 2008

Who will be awarded $500? You decide. We are awarding $500 to one of these three finalists from our Smart Choices in Home Equity Essay Contest. PLUS we are donating $500 to the United way agency of their choice!

Simply read each essay and cast your vote by November 19 to In the Subject line of the email, include your name and the essay number you have chosen. (Please only one vote per person.)

Thank you to all of you who submitted an essay. It was very difficult to narrow down the entries to just three finalists!

Finalist #1:

Dear Friends at the Indiana University Credit Union,

I wish to thank you for making the line of credit available to my current caretakers, Dan and Lois Holm. You must have known it was almost my birthday!

It has been almost 100 years since I was built by the Smoger’s of South Bend. When the Smoger’s built me in 1909, I was built to make their lives comfortable and cozy. As you can probably guess, my heart has always been the kitchen. When the Smoger’s designed my kitchen, they utilized the most up-to-date accoutrements, which included a cast iron corner sink (see attached photo). The Smogers and I were so proud of my kitchen; my heart was bursting with pride. But alas, my kitchen has, over the years became less functional.

The changes in the functionality of my kitchen have made me very sad. Over the years people sat in my kitchen, drank coffee, played euchre, ate meals, and discussed the events of the world, but, until recently, my kitchen has lost its functionality.

Now, after nearly 100 years, and many inhabitants later, Dan and Lois rightly decided to renovate my heart with the money from the line of credit that you provided. They did this both to make me more functional, and to celebrate my 100th birthday.

I have attached a picture of my finished self. As you can see, the renovation has been both tasteful, functional, and historically age-appropriate. I am so excited, I feel like I did 100 years ago! Well, as excited as a grand, Centurion should exhibit. I now have built-in cabinets and dishwasher, a wonderful new sink and, best of all, a granite counter top.

Thanks to you, I have been renovated to be easier to take care of (my antiquated plumbing was often difficult to repair). In addition, I have more functional space, which means that people gather around to discuss events in the world which makes me feel, once again, that my kitchen is the heart of the home.

Did I mention that I will be 100 next year? If I did I apologize, my essence tends to wander. After all, I am going to be 100 years old.

Because of you, IU Credit Union, I can hold my head high, and be proud of my improved appearance as I celebrate my Centennial. I did mention that I will be 100 next year, didn’t I?

Once again, thank you for helping Dan and Lois make their lives easier by being able to improve the functionality of my kitchen. They are very happy with my improvements and I am happy for them and other caretakers who will follow them as I experience my next 100 years.

With Gratitude,
The 100 Year Old House on Laurel Street
As shared by Dan and Lois Holm


Finalist #2:

Yikes! Describe how our IUCU Home Equity Line has enabled us to make Smart Choices in less than five hundred words? A tall order!

Over the near-decade we have had our IUCU Home Equity Line, it has enabled us to

  1. Complete and enhance our current home without further construction loans
  2. Bargain with car dealers, since we had ready access to cash-in-hand
  3. Avoid costly credit card interest by paying balances in full every month

And with tax deduction benefits in many cases!

Three summers ago, we purchased “Big Bob” the motor home with our IUCU Home Equity Line, saving hotel costs on everything from Holiday World weekends to a ten-day Texas vacation!

Two years ago, we made a very Smart Choice by using our IUCU Home Equity Line to finance the purchase of acreage near our current residence, where it will also facilitate NEW home construction in the future!

Last year, we ordered a motorcycle from San Diego with help from our IUCU Home Equity Line, saving money both on the purchase and on gasoline since!

THIS year, we made a Smart Choice by using our IUCU Home Equity Line to concrete a large driveway and turnaround complete with a retaining wall that compliments our home, and added a basketball court. We’re hoping that will encourage us to make another Smart Choice, and exercise more!

Laury, Bill and Jaclyn Flint


Finalist #3:

My husband and I built our modest size house about 11 years ago. It was perfect for just the two of us and nestled on a beautiful wooded lot. We had plenty of space for all of our “stuff.” Even though we were young, we knew someday we would like to raise a family. Would our home be accommodating for a baby? Sure, we thought, babies are small, they hardly take up any space at all. We were wrong.

Six years ago, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She was small. However, all of her “stuff” was big. Before we knew it, our house was filled with things like, swings, rockers, high chairs, tiny bath tubs, cribs, bassinets, play yards, and saucers (the huge contraption you put a baby in, not the small one you put in the cabinet). The cute, little, tiny baby also required her own closest to hold her little, baby clothes, which seemed to multiply on a daily basis along with all of her toys.

We could feel the walls closing in a bit, but we managed. When our daughter was three, were blessed for a second time with another healthy baby girl. We gathered up all of the baby supplies once again, but this time space was lacking. As our family grew, our comfortable home began shrinking. It felt like we were trying to shove our size 9 foot into a size 5 shoe.

We HAD to do something! We could move out of our lovely home, where we had created so many memories, or we could build on an addition. After crunching the numbers, we decided to build on, because we love where we live. The process of building onto an existing structure is not an easy one to say the least. My husband has experience in construction so we did it ourselves to save more money. Everything must match up perfectly, floors, roof lines, color of siding, etc. Then there is the issue of “living” on a construction site. The baby needed to nap, but we needed to hammer...loudly. The dust made me sneeze and wheeze, but my dear husband kept going, promising better days. It took about a year to complete everything and pass final inspection.

We love our home now, and enjoy spending time with the girls in the new family room. Our daughters are the most important people in our lives. We have their future on our minds and that is why we recently we made a “Smart Choice” and took advantage of the “Monster Loan Sale” at the IU Credit Union. We refinanced our high interest rate home equity loan for a much better rate at the IU Credit Union. The whole process was unbelievably fast and easy. Now, money we save in interest, we can invest in our both of our daughters’ college savings accounts. That was definitely a "Smart Choice" because they are worth it!

By Mim Cappy


Now cast your vote! Send it to In the Subject line of the email, include your name and the essay number you have chosen. (Please only one vote per person.)

The winner will be announced in early December.


Salvation Army Kettle Kick-Off

Posted: November 13, 2008

Salvation Army

Once again, IU Credit Union is proud to be a part of the Salvation Army Kettle Kick-off.

The second annual kettle campaign will be held at the convention center on Thursday, November 20. Eleven teams will have a few short minutes, toting red buckets to hit up the crowd for donations. The idea for the dash was originally suggested by Salvation Army advisory board member, as well as IUCU board member, Don Weaver.

Volunteers from IU Credit Union will count the donations from each team. The money and thousands more the Salvation Army will raise this season will go to help local families in need of food, clothing, day care, home visits, and Christmas gifts.


Smart Choices Essay Contest - You Could Win $500

Posted: November 5, 2008

Smart Choices in Home Equity

There are many smart things you can do with an IUCU Home Equity loan or line of credit, like consolidate higher interest rate debt or help pay for your child’s college education. We want to hear the smart choices you have made with your home equity loan or line.

If you've used your Home Equity loan or line in the last twelve months (or are currently using it!) and you have a story to tell, share it with us. You could win $500! As an added bonus, IU Credit Union will make a $500 donation to a United Way agency in your name.

All entries must be submitted or postmarked by November 10. Share your story—You could win $500 for you and $500 for a United Way agency!