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Online Banking Enhancements

The overall security of your Online Banking experience has been upgraded.

Upgrades include:


Why did you change the Online Banking security standards?
We care deeply about keeping your money safe while providing you with easy access to your accounts. With the continued growth of Online Banking, there are increased needs for greater security standards to keep you and your money well protected. The government issued new guidelines in 2011, calling for enhanced security measures for Online and Mobile Banking. Thus, we are upgraded our security procedures within Online Banking & Mobile Banking to provide you with the best protection available. Our new security standards will make it even safer for you to monitor and manage your money while safeguarding against unauthorized access to your accounts.


Challenge Questions are no longer being used.
Federal regulators consider One-Time Passcodes to be more secure than Challenge Questions. The security of our accounts is of upmost importance to us; therefore, we have moved from Challenge Questions to a One-Time Passcode that can be sent via a phone call, a text message or an email address. This new user authentication process complies with industry best practices on how to protect the member and their finances.

How will a One-Time Passcode make my Online & Mobile Banking account safer?
Simply put, it makes it more difficult for phishers and attackers to access your accounts without you knowing it.


New Username and Password Requirements

During the initial login after the upgrade, the new platform will verify that your current username and password meets the new username and password requirements.

If your username and password meet the requirements, nothing will need to be changed. If they do not meet the requirements, you will be required to change the username and/or password to meet the following requirements: 

New Username Requirements:
  • Must be between 6-20 characters
  • Can contain letters, numbers and the following symbols: @ $ _ - = . ! ~
  • No longer requires a combination of letters and numbers. Your username can be all letters, if you prefer. Cannot be all numbers
  • Cannot contain any spaces
New Password Requirements:
  • Must be 6-32 characters
  • Must contain characters from two of the following: letters, numbers or any special characters
  • Password is case sensitive
  • Can be reused
  • Does not expire
  • Cannot be a substring of the username (ex. Username = Mickey2 and Password = Mickey2!)


New Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Challenge questions are no longer being used.

The new Platform requires you to re-enroll in MFA. The new MFA allows for two (2) phone numbers and one (1) email address.

During the upgrade, the two most recent phone numbers and the most recent email address were converted.

You have the option of updating these if you prefer to use different contact information.

If you had challenge questions only in the old system, you will be prompted to set up an email address and/or phone numbers. Keep in mind that the phone numbers can be landlines or cell phones.

PLEASE NOTE: If a phone number has been added as the contact method, you are not required to enter an email address. Likewise, if email is available as a channel and has been selected as the contact method, you will not be required to add any phone numbers. Special note, the forgot password feature can only be used if you have set up a phone number. The forgot username feature can only be used if you have set up an email address.

Once the information is updated, you will be asked where to send a One-Time Passcode and will then be required to enter the code, which will be good for 10 minutes, to verify your identity. You will also need to choose “Yes, Register this computer” or “No, This is a public computer”.


Will I always need to use both my Password and a One-Time Passcode via my phone or email to access Online Banking from now on?
The first time you attempt to access Online Banking from a new computer, you will need to use both your Password and the verification code you receive in order to log in. If you are accessing Online Banking from a private computer that you personally use, you can opt for the system to remember your computer for future logins.

By doing this, you will not need to repeat the step of obtaining a verification code via phone or email, and you will only need your User ID and Password in the future to log in.

For the best security protection, we suggest that you always use both your password and the verification code to access Online Banking. If you do opt to have your computer remembered, we recommend that you do so only on computers that you personally own and that have the latest updates and virus protection software installed on them.


New Forgot Password Tool:

If you have any problem accessing your account because you have forgotten your password, you can access the Forgot Password link from our log in screen. Please note there are no changes to the Forgot Username link or process.  

Forgot Password

  • The self-assist forgot password reset can only be used if you registered a phone number for MFA purposes. Challenge questions will no longer be used for the forgot password feature . In addition, the forgot password feature no longer supports the reset of a password through email.

You will be prompted to enter a phone number that is registered in MFA and your username. If the text option was enabled during the MFA enrollment, the system will automatically send a text (comes from 448-33). If the text option was not enabled, the system will automatically call (comes from 812-855-7823) with a password.


Bill Pay Changes:
New Online Bill Pay Features

  1. An at-a-glance status next to each payee makes it easy to see exactly when bills are due when you use advanced features such as reminders, eBills, and recurring payments.
  2. Have a long list of Payees? Take advantage of the new Hide feature that allows you to “hide” payees from your list, but keep them active.
  3. Common tasks are easier to access with our new Options window. Complete virtually all of your Bill Pay tasks from one screen.
  4. Easily compare your current payment amount to past payments. Simply click on the payment amount field to see your recently completed payments. Want to pay the same amount? Click on it and the payment amount field will auto-fill for you.
  5. Quick links give you fast access to alerts and more.


Mobile App MFA:

Android App – updated app will be released at the upgrade

iPhone App (including iPad) – updated app will be available 4-6 weeks after the upgrade date, August 13

Once your app has been updated, you will be prompted to confirm your identity when you log in the first time using your mobile device. You will only have to go through this flow once per device.

Text Me Option:
  • Once you receive the text, you can instantly click over to see the full text in your SMS application.
  • You may then simply reply with the “passcode” as instructed by the text. Nothing to try to memorize or write down and no need to switch between applications. Verification is securely and easily done in the SMS channel.
  • You will then receive a confirmation message instructing you to go back to the browser.
Call Me Option:
  • Voice authentication is even easier as you just press 1 to confirm the login while on the phone.


Will I be able to change the phone number(s) that I registered to use for authentication?
You will be able to change your registered phone number(s) within Online Banking (using a PC), but there are no settings that allow this to be done within Mobile Banking. However, during first-time use of mobile authentication, you will be able to change the phone number(s) you want to use for authentication. This will allow a Mobile Banking user to add a new number or change an old number that was set up for MFA, so you can log in from the registered phone.

If I don't have any registered phone numbers, will I be able to log in?
Yes, you can use the same approach as the authentication setup in Online Banking. On Step 1, you will be prompted to enter a phone number if you are a Mobile Banking user and haven't registered a phone number for use with Online Banking. You will use this phone number for login attempts on other devices.

What if I have a non-U.S. phone number?
You will not be able to receive mobile authentication until international support is available later this year. Currently our Online Banking provider only supports U.S. phone numbers. However, if Mobile MFA is needed sooner, Google Voice is a viable alternative for international end users to still be able to access their accounts.


Additional Features No Longer Available or Changed
  • User ID will be referred to as Username.
  • Account Name no longer appears in upper right-hand corner. The account name is only viewable if you click on My Profile.
  • Browser Capability Test is no longer supported. A list of compatible browsers will be available on our website.
  • “Prefer your old page? Change start page” will no longer exist.
  • Last login is now Last Visit – location is slightly different on page.
  • View Another Account is no longer an option.
  • Change Timeout is no longer an option. The standard time for all users is 20 minutes.
  • Default History Sort is no longer an option.
  • When the time is about to expire, a bar at the top of the screen will display the seconds remaining. You will be allowed to click Yes to continue the session.
  • Security Contact in My Profile replaces Enhanced Login Security – Change Phone/Email/Challenge Questions.


Features Still Available:
  • Account History
  • Scheduled/Recurring Transfers
  • Bill Pay - vendors, scheduled bills and bill pay history
  • FinanceWorks
  • TurboTax
  • Purchase Rewards


Internet Browser Requirements:

Internet browsers supported by the Upgrade include the following versions:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Firefox 4 or higher
  • Safari 6 (Mac only)
  • Google Chrome

Online Banking Internet Browser Settings

Online Banking Internet Browser Settings, (pdf, 81k)


Need more help logging in?
If you follow the instructions above and still have trouble, please call us at 812-855-7823 or toll-free at 888-855-MYCU(6928).

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