IU Credit Union Pulls for the Community

Posted: July 10, 2009

IUCU Pulls for the Community
IU Credit Union employees and their families helped pull wagons through the Bloomington 4th of July Parade, collecting food for Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

IUCU Pulls for the Community
IU Credit Union pulled for the community and collected 1,102 pounds of food for Hoosier Hills Food Bank

IU Credit Union pulled for our community on July 4th. Thirty employee volunteers walked in the Bloomington parade, collecting non-perishable food items in wagons along the route. Thank you to everyone who donated - your generous contributions filled our wagons and the Hoosier Hills Food Bank truck, totaling over a half ton of food. The assistance from community members made this food drive a success, and we wish to thank all those who supported us. By working together, we can help take the hunger out of poverty in our community.

Hoosier Hills Food Bank is appreciative of the assistance:

“Thank you so very much for sponsoring and implementing the food drive for us. It was a really nice experience and we had fun being part of your parade entry.

We weighed in 1,102 pounds of food on Saturday, which is fantastic! Our food drive supplies are low right now and this is very helpful.

In addition to the food we took in on Saturday, please do not underestimate the importance of your investment in the publicity leading up to the parade. Efforts like this go a long way to raise awareness of hunger, and we often see residual effects from them. We very much appreciate all you’ve done!”